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Саад Ламйарред — Saad Lamjarred (Певец мировой музыки) — возраст, день рождения, биография, факты, семья, собственный капитал, рост и многое другое

Birth nameSaad Al-Bachir Lamjarred, سعد البشير لمجرد, ⵙⴰⵄⴷ ⵍⴰⵎⴶⴰⵔⴻⴷ
BornApril 7, 1985, Rabat, Morocco
GenresMoroccan music, Berber music, Arabic pop
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, record producer, actor
InstrumentsVocals, piano, drums
Years active2007–present

О Тейлор Саад Ламйарред

Отмеченный наградами марокканский певец, чья песня «Enty Baghya Wahad» принесла ему награду на Méditel Morocco Music Awards 2014. Эта песня также принесла ему Murex d’Or за лучшую арабскую песню. На церемонии вручения премии MTV Europe Music Awards 2014 он был номинирован на звание лучшего исполнителя на Ближнем Востоке.

Саад Ламйарред до славы

Ему было четыре года, когда он заинтересовался пением. В детстве он пел песни своего отца. Он изучал теорию музыки в Музыкальной консерватории в Рабате, а в 2007 году занял второе место в популярном арабском телешоу Super Star.

Достижении Саад Ламйарред

Как актер он получил главную роль в мыльной опере «Ахлам Нассим». Его сингл 2015 года «LM3ALLEM» принес ему место в Книге рекордов Гиннеса, став первым музыкальным видео, которое набрало 100 миллионов просмотров на YouTube в течение трех месяцев после выпуска.

Семейная жизнь Саад Ламйарред

Он родился у отца Башира Абду, классического певца, и матери Нежи Реграги, комика и актрисы.

Награды Саад Ламйарред

Он и Pop Singer Схатха Хассоун — опытные марокканские певцы.

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Арабские мусульмане. Марокканские эстрадные певцы. Марокканские мусульмане. Марокканские певцы-мужчины

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What is Саад Ламйарред’s real name?

His real name is Saad Al-Bachir Lamjarred, سعد البشير لمجرد, ⵙⴰⵄⴷ ⵍⴰⵎⴶⴰⵔⴻⴷ.

When is Саад Ламйарред’s birthday?

Саад Ламйарред celebrated his 37 birthday on 7 Апрель.

Saad Lamjarred Age, Height, Wife, Family, Wiki & More

Updated On : March 16, 2019

Saad Lamjarred

BIRTHDAY7 April,1985 (Sunday)
AGE (in 2022)37 Years Old
HEIGHTin centimeters- 182 cm
in meters- 1.82 m
in Feet Inches- 5’ 11”
WEIGHTin Kilograms- 75 kg
in Pounds- 165.35 lbs

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Short Biography

Saad Lamjarred was born on 07-04-1985 in Rabat, Morocco. He is a Moroccan Singer, Television Actor & Musician.

Other Name:Saad Bachir Lamjarred
Other Professions: Television Actor Musician

Saad Lamjarred Complete Bio & Career

Saad Lamjarred is an actor and singer from the Morocco. Lambjarred is a son of Bachir Abdou who is a classical singer from Morocco and Nezha Regragui who is an actress. When he was a kid of four years he developed a great interest in singing his father’s songs. Then he went on to study music in a professional way. In a popular Arabic television show named Super Star Season 4, he was successful in positioning him in the second position.

He started his acting career in the year 2001 in soap opera, where he played a lead male actor. Thereafter he released and album named Wala Aalik. He further released two more albums named Enty and Salina. He got very popular with the release of his album named «Enty Baghya Wahad». He even got the Méditel Morocco Music Awards in the year 2014. In the same year, MTV Europe Music Awards has nominated him for the Best Middle East Act.

His hit song «LM3ALLEM» was one of the outstanding songs, which had made 100 million views on YouTube, it was recorded in the Guinness World Record achievement. This is probably the most viewed Arabic song on YouTube. His other songs like «Ana Machi Sahel», «Ghaltana» and «Mal Hbibi Malou» was also very popular on the internet.

Though being a popular singer, he had some controversies too. In February 2010, he was accused of raping and beating a woman in the United States. He, however, escaped from the United States and did not return bearing the risk of getting arrested. However, his case was again started after a few years.

Some of his popular singles of Saad Lamjarred includes L’Mmima, Salina Salina, Lm3allem, Ana Machi Sahel, etc. Apart from that he was also nominated and won many of the awards for his songs. This singer has really rocked the world with his songs.

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Saad Lamjarred биография На Русском

All you need to know about Saad Lamjarred, the artist and the human being, his music, his news, his coming projects & the story of his international success. introduced with love by his truest fan.

«Saad Lamjarred : independent and multitalented artist owner of big charisma»

Saad Lamjarred is a moroccan international mutitalented artist : singer, writer, dancer, actor and music producer. At a very young age, he played his first piano notes without any specific learning encouraged by his Father (a famous singer in Morocco : Mr. Bashir Abdu). Years later, the gifted little boy showed also an amazing talent for singing…His golden voice will be later revealed to the arab audience through the lebanese program for talents « Super Star » in 2007. 5 years later, Saad show cases also his talent in acting within his performance in the moroccan series « Ahlam Nassim- Nassim’s dreams ». After His first music video «Waadini» released in 2009 and its success in the moroccan market, his international first success with Enty wasn’t long to come, followed by a whole album «Wala Alik» released in 2013 achieving big success in the arab world & further, with songs like «Mal Hbibi, Lemen Nechki, Salina Salina», . His big hit «Lm3allem» released in 2015 will be charted in the Billboard and achieve a planetary successs. Saad Lamjarred turns into an icon of the arabic pop music, being the first independent artist to have crossed the Billboard milestone and to hold a Guinness World Record for his breakout and most-viewed music video Lm3allem.

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