Lady Miss Kier биография

Лады Мисс Киер — Lady Miss Kier (Поп-певец) — возраст, день рождения, биография, факты, семья, собственный капитал, рост и многое другое

Birth nameKierin Magenta Kirby
Also known asLady Kier, Kier Kirby
BornAugust 1, 1963, Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.
OriginNew York City, U.S.
GenresElectronica, dance-pop, house, hip hop
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, DJ, producer
Years active1986–present
LabelsElektra, Pluto Moon
Associated actsDeee-Lite, Brill

О Тейлор Лады Мисс Киер

Сопродюсер и фронтмен хаус-танцевальной группы Dee-Lite, выпустившей в 1990 году клубный клубный альбом Groove is in the Heart.

Лады Мисс Киер до славы

Она изучала моду и текстильный дизайн в Технологическом институте моды, прежде чем случайно познакомилась с музыкой.

Достижении Лады Мисс Киер

Ее опыт в моде помог ей создать эксцентричный образ Dee-Lite, взяв моду ретро 1960-х годов и преувеличив ее до абсурда.

Семейная жизнь Лады Мисс Киер

Она познакомилась со своим мужем Дмитрием Бриллом, когда он работал на бруклинской клубной сцене в роли супер-диджея Дмитрия.

Награды Лады Мисс Киер

Закончив свой пробег с Dee-Lite, она писала и выступала с такими артистами, как Funk Singer Боотсы Цоллинс и Джордж Клинтон.

Топ-факты о Лады Мисс Киер, которые вы не знали

Музыканты из Янгстауна, Огайо. Выпускники Академии Модных Технологий. Американский поп-музыкант. Американский музыкант. Огайо Музыканты. Питтсбургские музыканты. музыканты

People also ask about Лады Мисс Киер

What is Лады Мисс Киер’s real name?

Her real name is Lady Miss Kier.

How old is Лады Мисс Киер?

She is 58 лет now.

What is Лады Мисс Киер’s birthday?

Лады Мисс Киер celebrated her 58th birthday on 15 Август.

Where is Лады Мисс Киер from?

She is from Ыоунгстоун, Охио, United States.

When was Лады Мисс Киер born?

Лады Мисс Киер was born on 15 Август, 1963.

Lady Miss Kier

Lady Miss Kier – бывшая вокалистка группы Dee-Life ,по праву считающейся пионером-новатором хаус-музыки.Группа
была организована в Нью-Йорке в 1988 году и в ее состав , помимо Lady Miss Kier , входил DJ Dmitry и Towa Tel. Их мегахит «Groove is the heart» поднялся на верхние строчки всех мировых хит-парадов и навсегда вошел в «золотую коллекцию» хаус-музыки.
Dee-Life успели записать три альбома , последний из которых датирован 1995 годом.
После этого Miss Kier реализует себя как успешный графический дизайнер , также она пробует свои силы в качестве актрисы и снимается в двух фильмах , но наибольшего успеха Lady Miss Kier достигнет в ди-джейской карьере и станет одной из самых известных женщин ди-джеев планеты. Ее сэты можно регулярно слышать в самых модных ночных клубах по всему миру и на показах ведущих модельеров. Она обладает своеобразным стилем и умудряется тонко и искусно сочетать в своих сэтах такие направления как future Funk , raga , Electro ,Acid House.

Lady Miss Kier биография

Miss Guy took this photo of me last year and did my makeup

Miss Guy painted my face for numerous Deee-lite photo shoots and taught me how to paint before I went on world tour over 3O years ago . A true artist and incredible performer who has toured the world with the Toilet Boys and opened up for Blondie’s world tour . I first saw Miss Guy while watching drag shows at Pyramid and BoyBar . These performers helped me create a drag persona for myself to hide my stage fright when sharing my songs with the public . Miss Guy was a stand out in those shows . I got the “Miss”… in Lady Miss Kier from Miss Guy . check out Miss Guy’s music and website :

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many ask me “ What is Kier up to these days ?” my answer : DJing , writing music , reflecting my past , and creating my future

people that follow this blog seem to upvote old pictures , so here you go….

I dont own this photo . it was taken by Ron Galella , LTD. in 1991

Way back in 1993 , This was considered a flop by our record lable, however , we believed in our music and I funded the tour, it became a success and nearly every show was a sell out. I was thrilled to find out the record lable re-issued this nearly 30 years later ! what do we learn……believe in yourself! Time might prove you right : ) — Kier

1. art by Lady kier

2. art by Michael Economy directed by Lady Kier

3. Art by Lady Kier

4. Art by Pierre Jilles …and art direction by lady kier

5 Logo for Sampladelic ..named and drawn by Lady Kier

in 1992 I was invited to walk a runway for Jean Paul Gaultier to raise money for the Aids Foundation AMFAR . I dont have the name of the photographer who took this photo — kier

Hemp is Legal as of DEC 2018 in ALL 50 U.S. states ….woo hooo!


After 47 years in the Controlled Substances Act. #Cannabis with no more than 0.3% THC now legal to grow, process and possess in all 50 states. Thanks trump for signing this bill.

Everything Plastic Can Be Made From Hemp

The era of #hemp prohibition is over!

The fight against Globalism is spreading through France , Belgium, Germany , Holland and elsewhere in EU countries ( including Madagascar ! ) Reports say both left and right wing , both working class and poor have joined forces
I have been wrong many times before when joining or writing about a political movement , however this appears to be from the bottom up, by genuine people, and their list of demands appeal to my own hopes and wishes for humanity. The global village I spoke fondly of in 1990 is not to be confused with “globalism” and New World order. Also, “Q” pops up in the crowd , is it falsely planted to pacify us in the states ? I question Q , maybe Q is just a distraction, offering false hope in the midst of 18 years of illegal war , 7 illegal wars ..i dont know . I understand why followers of Q need to keep their hope alive. The yellow vests are not waiting for a hero , they’re taking it to the streets, the shops, the banks, the schools, and the indie journalists . There has been little reporting of this yellow vest movement on corp. mainstream media . This is a peaceful movement . — Kier Kirby

FOLLOWUP : 1 year later and the protests continue….and Q was proven to be a hoax..or is it ? I dont know ! Do you ?

FYI: in 1992, I invited these 7 producers over to my apartment on Broom Street to a listening party for Deee-lite’s second album named “Infinity Within” I rolled 7 joints and put them in a cup on my coffee table to improve their listening experience. I think it was Todd who asked if he could take his to’m so thankful someone had the good sense to ask to get a group photo because it might be the only one with all these legendary NYC producers in one place . Back in those days the record label did not pay for remix’s and we funded them ourselves. Good choice we did. Good times…- Kier Kirby from Deee-lite A.K.A. Lady Miss Kier

House Masters 1992

an additional memory after thought : While they were all there I asked if they would lend their voice to a recording named “Fuck Censorship “ which we recorded together in a group chant. Sadly, the record label censored it ! : I

Listening to…Louis Cole …you should already Knower him