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Однофамильцы Letyago Anfisa

22 декабря 1995

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Introducing: Anfisa Letyago

Words: Cameron Holbrook
Photos: Tommaso Napoletano

Hailing from Naples by way of Russia, Anfisa Letyago is quickly becoming one of techno’s most talked about new talents.

“My home is like a museum,” Anfisa Letyago says, surrounded by an assortment of gorgeous antiquities. Flanked by two ornate vases shaped like heads, she briefly tells me about the ceramic tradition of Caltagirone, a city in Sicily that has been producing these “Moor Head” vases for hundreds of years.

For DJ/producer Anfisa Letyago, Italy and all the enchantments the country has to offer have been integral in nurturing her musical identity and explosive career. A passionate ambassador for Naples, her home city, the young electronic music phenomenon is eager to tell of all that her city has to offer.

In just three years, Anfisa Letyago has gone from a cherished local DJ in Southern Italy to one of techno’s most talked-about names. A quick glance at her Instagram reveals a staggering following with avid support from dance music titans all over the globe. An intrepid selector with a positive attitude regarding all things art and dance floor related, Anfisa Letyago is poised to take over clubland with her undeniable skills and smile.

While her character is so closely tied to Naples, or “one of the most beautiful places in the world,” as she refers to it, Anfisa originally hails from Siberia. She moved from Russia to Italy when she was 17 to live with her mother and became immediately drawn in by all the food, wine, history, and culture that could be found in her new seaside home.

“It’s a city of art with an infinite and immense musical culture that has produced so many artists who’ve had such impact on the underground scene worldwide,” Anfisa says. “Moving to this city, I was able to find and experience acts like Marco Carola and Gaetano Parisio, along with other visiting DJs from the US like Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Jeff Mills, and beyond. That was my path here in Napoli.”

In 2010, by the time she was 18, Anfisa had saved up enough money from her seasonal jobs to purchase a pair of Pioneer CDJ 100s. Feeling a bit rusty with her English, she laughs and struggles for a second to find the word “practice,” but practice she did. Quickly mastering the mechanics of mixing, her innate desire to confront and collect music from all over the globe naturally led her to vinyl.

“I have a serious passion for vinyl. I can’t describe how much I love touching and working with a physical record,” Anfisa explains. This tangible excitement for vinyl showed true in her tone and expression, stoked on the fact that she had just received the test pressings for her forthcoming EP earlier that day.

Describing herself as “young and fascinated by all things music,” she worked herself up to the point where she started landing gigs at small clubs throughout Italy. With her growing reputation, Anfisa’s initial plunge into the world of music production came in 2015. Her first single came in the form of a bubbly house collaboration with Dutch artist Leroy Styles titled “Stop Talking” — released via SPINNIN’ Records in 2016.

“Making that track was a beautiful experience, but it made me think a lot,” Anfisa says. “And I realized that I was taking a different path from what I truly wanted. From there, I started to refine my skills and began to trust my overall feeling as a producer when I began to create tracks with a heavier electronic and techno feeling.”

With more time on the road landing supporting slots for major acts like Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, David Guetta, and Axwell & Ingrosso, among others, she also began to lock into a more sophisticated sound in the studio. By 2018, everything changed for Anfisa after fatefully meeting one of the most renowned electronic acts of all time, Carl Cox.

“Carl was really the first person who supported me,” Anfisa says. “It’s like a dream, you know? I met him in Sicily and gave him my USB with some of the music I produced. That same night, he played my tracks throughout the party. And after this, I tuned in to his streams from some of the world’s biggest festivals, and he always supported my tracks. Just two months after meeting him, he wrote a message and asked me to produce some music for his Intec Digital imprint. He’s helped my work progress so much. He gave me hope. It all started with Carl.”

With dance music royalty now backing her, Anfisa’s life “changed a lot” over the following year. She kicked off 2019 with the release of her Bright Lights EP on the legendary NYC imprint Nervous Records, followed by her So Good EP on Carl Cox’s Intec label. “The focus I chose for both those EPs was inspired by the world of house, which has always been so important and super powerful to me,” Anfisa says. “I decided to back them up with heavy, techno-oriented bass sounds to create a unique energy and sound that really reflected my feelings at that time.”

Now finding herself jet-setting to gigs and major festivals throughout Europe, North America, and Asia, she began to find additional support amongst heavy hitters like Adam Beyer, Pig & Dan, Charlotte De Witte, Radio Slave, Pan-Pot, and DJ Pierre, who asked her to contribute to his Acid Trax Remixes series. It was towards the latter part of 2019 and the early months of 2020, with the release of records like the aptly named Electrifying EP Hotflush Recordings, her Hypnotic return to Intec Digital, and the I’d Rather B EP on Rekids — featuring remixes from Mark Broom and Marco Faraone — that the techno world began realizing Anfisa’s potential and prowess fully.

“I cannot give myself a precise genre identity because I’ve always worked as a selector first and foremost,” Anfisa says. “I always try to satisfy the dance floor’s needs while putting my personality and musical feeling into all of my sets. However, my preference has always been old-school techno — full of groove, full of drums, and a lot of attitude!” Catch a glimpse of the way she moves behind the decks after dropping a peak-time weapon, her preference for hair-raising techno is written all over her face, and it never fails to command a crowd.

Marella: звуки музыки в тотемных узорах

Капсульный гардероб — оптимальный способ выглядеть уместно и оригинально в любых обстоятельствах. Итальянский бренд MARELLA довел эту идею до совершенства, предлагая базовые вещи, которые идеально сочетаются между собой и при этом отличаются узнаваемым стилем.

Бренд MARELLA, основанный в 1988 году и входящий в компанию Max Mara Fashion Group, каждый сезон предлагает новые идеи, отвечающие актуальным трендам. Кроме того, MARELLA постоянно пополняет и основные линии: всесезонную коллекцию-конструктор ART.365, главные достоинства которой — функциональность и универсальность, — все вещи, входящие в нее, идеально сочетаются друг с другом, легко стираются и не мнутся, комбинируя их, можно выглядеть оригинально 365 дней в году; MONOCHROME — экологичный, вневременной проект; название SPORT говорит само за себя, основная же линия предлагает современную классику.

MARELLA активно привлекает к сотрудничеству талантливых художников из разных стран. А в роли муз и амбассадоров выступают актрисы и топ-модели — Миранда Керр , Стелла Максвелл, Милла Йовович , Карли Клосс .

Коллекция Decibel, которую бренд представит в сезоне осень-зима 2021, — итог коллаборации с одним из самых интересных итальянских дизайнеров Еленой Сальмистраро. Художнице из Милана, известной экспериментами с колористикой и фактурами, удалось отобразить в формах, деталях и графических узорах энергию музыкального ритма и мелодии.

Главную роль в коллекции играет тотемный узор — он буквально зачаровывает. Привычная черно-белая палитра дополнена красным, теплыми оттенками розового, оранжевого, голубого. Платья, юбки, топы, пиджаки, брюки, комбинезоны, костюмы и множество аксессуаров — в Decibel есть все, чтобы современная женщина чувствовала себя уверенно и комфортно.

Музой новой коллекции стала диджей из Неаполя Анфиса Летяго. И так же, как дизайнер вдохновлялась музыкой, «королева децибелов» вдохновилась модой. Узоры ART.365 Decibel превратились в эксклюзивный трек Don’t Hide — своего рода музыкальную версию тканевых творений Сальмистраро. Трек включен в плейлист на официальной странице бренда. Фраза don’t hide переводится как «не прячься» или «не скрывай». Женщина в MARELLA не просто не остается незамеченной и непонятой — она этого и не хочет, ей присущи смелость, решимость и творческая энергия. Именно то, что воплощено в новой «тотемной» коллекции.


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